House on a Dune, Bahamas

House on a Dune, Bahamas

Reconnect with the spirit of place on Harbour Island—a retreat made for and of the island and available for bookings. 

Harbour Island is a relaxed, yet luxurious getaway perched in the surreal cerulean waters of the Atlantic edge of the Great Bahama Bank. In this earnest and timeless place, the architecture of this residence is conceived as simultaneously powerful, yet comfortable; primitive, yet innovative; casual, yet elegant; raw, yet refined. The result is a sensual and sensitive experience, reduced to its essence through the use of elemental forms and sincere materialism and detailing. This private residence establishes a delicate, meditative and mediating space that ushers a transition from lush tropical landscape to wide, languorous ocean. 

“We prefer to construct our buildings with the land, where architecture recedes and becomes a frame to celebrate the surrounding nature.”

—Chad Oppenheim

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