Star Metals Offices

Inspired by the site’s history, this mixed-use project raises the profile and energy of a regenerating neighborhood.

West Midtown in Atlanta is evolving from its functional, industrial past into a creative, mixed-use neighborhood. One of the prominent corner sites—previously occupied by Star Metals scrap yard—is now home to Star Metals Offices and stands directly opposite Star Metals Residences. Together, the buildings are defining a unique identity to celebrate local heritage and inspire the area’s ongoing growth and development.

As well as paying homage to the site’s previous occupant, the use of industrial materials and techniques has allowed us to build very economically and focus budgets on high-value amenities. Working closely with local leasing agents, we have created a variety of floorplate sizes and spaces for a highly marketable project and higher rate of return.

Star Metals features innovative hybrid spaces that blend hospitality, office, and residential typologies. Co-working spaces, cafes, restaurants, and club-like interiors create a new lifestyle. Outdoor terraces on every floor and a rooftop restaurant offer the best kind of work environment, so that individuals and teams are supported, nurtured, and inspired by their workplace.

At over 540,000 square feet, we needed to modulate the building’s exterior form. Each floor plate cantilevers to create movement and shadow, reducing its perceived scale. These layers reflect retail, office, and restaurant floors to give expression and identity to individual tenancies.

The result is a landmark building grounded in the history of the area, marking a new era in West Midtown’s evolution.

Atlanta, Georgia
545,000 SF
The Allen Morris Company
Under construction
Project Team
Chad Oppenheim, Kevin Heidorn, Reynolds Diaz Jr., Alex Lozano, Liduam Pong; Architect of Record: Warner Summers Architecture & Interior Design; Interior Design: Square Feet Studio
Image Credit
Luxigon, Taller De Escalas

Star Metals Offices