Miami Beach Penthouse

Inspired by naval architecture, this South Beach penthouse blends nautical motifs and materials into a tech-connected yet serene environment.

Overlooking the sea and local marinas, this two-story penthouse is influenced by its maritime location and boatbuilding traditions. A streamlined and flowing design draws from curvaceous boat forms and a nautical palette of materials.

We started by taking the 5,500-square-foot interior back to its original form—simple, open space. We then inserted new design elements into what is essentially one interconnected living room, spanning two floors, and connected by a central stair.

Our client is in broadcasting, so we needed to hide 26 monitors throughout the penthouse and satellites on the exterior. Screens are strategically and discreetly inserted into timber-paneled walls of teak and shagreen. When they are concealed, the space is serene and uncluttered, with the technology deftly remote-controlled.

To maximize the sense of space and light throughout, we located the circulation stair in the center of the apartment—a sculptural wooden object that draws light down into the lower floor, concealing the elevator and core. As a unifying and organizational element, the staircase defines and creates the interior volume. A void over the double-height living area helps to flood and energize the space with sunlight and views, while the top level flows onto a rooftop courtyard and garden.

The sense of space and light is a celebration of the South Beach lifestyle—an oasis in the city that is hyper-connected through technology, yet expresses absolute privacy and serenity within.

Miami Beach, Florida, USA
5,500 SF
Interior Design
Project Team
Chad Oppenheim, Juan Calvo, Robert Gallagher, Giancarlo Pietri
Image Credit
Laziz Hamani

Miami Beach Penthouse