Ten Museum Park

Set within a futuristic tropical playground, this pioneering tower has been conceived to revolutionize the way we live and dream.

Soaring 50 stories above Miami Bay, Ten Museum Park is a mixed-use building conceived as a pure crystalline structure that acts as a beacon on the skyline. It is also a haven for its residents, with 600,000 square feet of luxury apartments, a sky garden, and rooftop vitality pools, atop a podium of commercial spaces, a spa, residential amenities, and parking. 

The building proves that good architectural design also makes good business sense. During the conceptual phase, we assembled the consortium that built the $120-million tower on top of empty parking lots. The project was extremely profitable, with all 200 condominiums sold within nine days at South Beach prices—something unprecedented for the downtown Miami area.

As well as its strategic position within a neighborhood that now includes Miami’s Performing Arts Center and the art and science museums, Ten Museum Park’s popularity can be attributed to its soaring beauty. We wanted the tower to express itself sculpturally, to exude power and grace on the skyline through the inherent rhythms of a gridded exoskeleton that distorts scale and abstracts the apartment typology.

Internally, living modules are configured to maximize spatial openness, flexibility, and sought-after views of Biscayne Bay, the Port of Miami, and downtown. Every personal and communal space frames fragments of water, city, and sky, providing a sensory backdrop to the lives of its inhabitants.

Miami, Florida, USA
600,000 SF
Architecture, Interior Design
Project Team
Chad Oppenheim, Carlos Ramos, Juan Calvo, Giovana Henao, Seymour Fish, Leslie Abraham, Juan Lopez, Robert Gallagher, Jorge de La Torriente, Rodrigo Londoño, Kevin McMorris, Veronica Restelli, Marcos Delgado, Lizmarie Esparza, Carla Urreiztieta
Image Credit
Laziz Hamani, Robin Hill, Totus Photography,

Ten Museum Park