Design Philosophy

We believe that buildings and their environment should be deeply symbiotic, where projects “belong” to their site and form follows feeling. Guided by three philosophical pillars—spirit of place, silent monumentality, and the essential—we have spent decades creating landmark architecture that is highly sensitive and responsive to its context and climate.

Design Philosophy

Spirit Of Place

We design and build with the land, not on the land. We frame nature through shapes and textures that enhance and celebrate their surroundings. We strive to find harmony with nature in order to connect people with place.

Oppenheim Architecture explores the potential of a site as archeologists searching for the code that will unlock the vision of a project. The soil, the colors, the landscape, the winds, and the movement of the sun are all elements that are discovered, studied, and considered while shaping the design and, more importantly, the experience of a building.

We work with native materials that are available in the surroundings and treat them in an honest and truthful manner, creating spaces that compel you to see, feel, and experience.

Silent monumentality

Whether powerful in the cityscape or silent in the landscape, our buildings feature a sense of drama and monumentality—a combination of powerful gestures and quiet moments that are both impactful and contemplative.

Through the shaping of materials and attention to proportion, we look to seamlessly integrate poetics and design into a meaningful moment, a transcendent but purposeful architectural expression embodying beauty and elegance.

The essential

Our design is essential—every line has a reason and every shape a purpose. Ideas are reduced to the elements and expressions that are truly significant, where our goal is to remove the extraneous, to enhance the meaningful. 

Each design decision is directly tied to the needs of our clients, of the location, or of the experience. It is about finding a reason for everything we do, going beyond the fascination with form in order to craft thoughtful and considerate spaces.