Bal Harbour House

Despite its size, this Miami home feels intimate and layered, providing a wide range of spaces that integrate and overlap with the landscape.

The project brief called for a six-bedroom family home with generous spaces for hosting and entertaining within the tropical Miami climate. With a deep, narrow site—extending from the road boundary to the Bal Harbour waterfront—we developed a concept for two double-story pavilions and landscaped courtyards, all linked by a grand central axis and glazed bridge. The home curates an idyllic lifestyle, subtly encouraging how residents socialize with each other, while embracing the garden and harbor backdrop.

The ground floor operates as one large, interconnected space with multiple lounge and dining settings. Glass doors slide into pockets to provide uninhibited movement between indoors and out, and bring in the constant presence of the sea. The courtyard format minimizes the need for air conditioning, as the bay breeze can flow freely through the house and site, cooled as it moves across internal ponds and native planting.

Inspired by the colors of the coast, the house features soft, natural tones from travertine, concrete, and wood. It is a quiet backdrop which does not compete with the bay view, allowing furniture and artwork to define intimate settings for gathering and relaxing.

Navigating highly prescriptive building rules, we have created a grand home of 12,000 square feet while maintaining generous gardens and outdoor spaces. We have used form and shadow to carefully break down the scale of a large home and to create an intimate environment where nature filters through every room.

Bal Harbour, Florida, USA
12,300 SF
Project Team
Chad Oppenheim, Kevin McMorris, Juan Calvo, Alexis Cogul, Alex Lozano
Image Credit
Karen Fuchs, DBOX

Bal Harbour House