Escondido Beach

The transformation of a 1980s house on one of the most expensive beachfronts in the world became an act of alchemy.

Our complete renovation of a faux-Mediterranean house in California has transformed a dated structure into a timeless coastal home. What was once a labyrinthine floor plan and façade has been opened up and simplified to receive the beauty of Malibu. We took advantage of every opportunity to connect the interior with the colors, textures, and feeling of the natural environment.

One of our areas of expertise is to maximize property value and potential despite incredibly stringent building rules—the art of redesigning everything without (apparently) changing anything. We carved out the building interior, and straightened and aligned every elevation, going right back to the pure structure—a blank slate from which to create.

The pedestrian approach from the road is now a powerful entry sequence through a landscaped courtyard and glass entry door that connects visitors instantly with the Pacific Ocean. We have opened every corner and widened every opening to give residents an expansive sense of space and a palpable experience of the coastline.

In our search for the essential, we have replaced three separate staircases with a single sculptural staircase to connect all levels. We found additional floor space by combining hallways into rooms, a reductive approach that has created spatial clarity and an interior that doesn’t compete with its setting. Every square foot has been optimized to create a more usable floor plan defined by pure form and clean lines.

A seamless flow between the indoor and outdoor living spaces is amplified by a neutral materials palette of stone, wood, and mineral plaster—colors and textures that blend with the character of the coast and bring nature inside.

Every design decision has been made to elevate the lifestyle and experience of Malibu, through a recessive architecture that exists quietly to support life and nature.

Malibu, California, USA
7,160 SF
Architecture, Interior Design
Project Team
Chad Oppenheim, Timothy Archambault, Katherine Bedwell, Ana Calderon, Olivier Montfort, Marcel Montoya, Andrea Perelli, Jairo Ramirez
Image Credit
Mike Helfrich

Escondido Beach