GLF Headquarters

Bold, sculptural, and expressive concrete makes an indelible mark for the Miami HQ of a global infrastructure company. 

Set on the banks of the Miami River, this modern office building is the U.S. headquarters for infrastructure and bridge experts, GLF Construction Corporation. We proposed a dynamic architectural language to convey the potency of an essential industry and to celebrate the expressive architectural qualities of concrete. 

With a requirement for large, open floorplates, we drew inspiration from the river context—its warehouses, yards, and infrastructure. The resulting four-story structure resembles a stack of shipping containers, strategically arranged to create large volumes and sheltered spaces that accommodate a complete office program. 

Generally, finishes are purposely raw and utilitarian to reference the semi-industrial setting. Selected touchpoints in reception, meeting, and breakout areas are refined and meticulously detailed for a contrasting and layered aesthetic.

Playful volumetrics create a flexible, functional interior and a dynamic, sculptural exterior, all the while fitting a large floorplan on a very constricted site. Each volume frames views of the surrounding city and neighborhood, with its surprising transparency and muscular design establishing a strong local identity for the Italian company.

Miami, Florida, USA
20,000 SF
GLF Construction Corporation
Architecture, Interior Design
Project Team
Chad Oppenheim, Juan Calvo, Jacobus Bruyning, Jose Ortez
Image Credit
Karen Fuchs

GLF Headquarters