Java Golf Resort

Silent yet monumental resort architecture draws on the spirit of West Java to combine modern amenities with ancient experiences.

Nestled between two volcanoes—Mount Salak and Mount Ged—this lavish two-million square-foot resort rises majestically from the Javanese landscape. Referencing the grand neoclassical buildings from Indonesia’s colonial era, we have distilled the narrative of place into a pure, almost classical architecture experienced as a relic from a lost civilization.

By embedding the resort within a jungle setting—where vines engulf buildings and native flowers erupt with color in interstitial landscape spaces—architecture is found and explored like Angkor Wat. Otherworldly scale, proportion, and materiality transports guests to another time and sensibility.

Using the local grey volcanic stone, we have explored the principles of Italian Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio—his proportions, scale, and symmetry. Architecture distilled down to its purest form—a procession of spaces with an intense sense of scale, materiality, and timelessness. Revisiting ideas within classical palaces, we have layered the resort with courtyards, loggias, grand staircases, verandas, and grand doors. Views are offered back and forth between indoor and outdoor spaces, where structure frames the landscape to heighten the experience of both.

Once complete, the Java Golf Resort will be a world-class destination with unmatched standards for luxury, design, amenities, dining, leisure activities, entertainment, and well-being to create a guest experience unique to Indonesia.

Java, Indonesia
Under construction
Masterplanning, Architecture
Project Team
Chad Oppenheim, Timothy Archambault, Kevin McMorris, Alex Lozano, Ana Calderon, Andrea Perelli, David Vasquez, Fernando Herrera, Hyejin Yang, Jairo Ramirez, James Kim, Juan Lopez, Marie-Pierre Pare, Naaly Pierre, Olivier Montfort, Raul Hurtado, Valeria Fossi
Image Credit
MIR, Luxigon

Java Golf Resort