Net Metropolis

Dynamic in design and ecologically responsive, Net Metropolis sets a benchmark for the next generation of “green” office buildings in the Philippines.

Situated over a 1.5 million square foot block in the Fort Bonifacio business district of Manila, Net Metropolis comprises three office towers set upon a six-level podium of retail and parking, enhanced by two landscaped parks. Occupying 24 to 40 stories, each tower is oriented to respond to the solar conditions and features an advanced solar skin, combining high-performance glass and external aluminum screens to minimize incidental solar heat gain, optimize natural light, and preserve scenic views.

Net Metropolis is the World Green Building Council’s pilot project for the Philippines and features the country’s first certified “green” buildings. Oppenheim Architecture consulted with the country’s Green Building Council to establish the nation’s new rating system. At the frontier of sustainability, we have created an ecological and socially responsible project that advances green building practices in this rapidly industrializing country.

Due to the intense tropical climate, air conditioning is the largest and costliest consumer of energy in commercial buildings in the Philippines, so reducing energy consumption was paramount for the design team. Condensate water is harvested from the air conditioning and used for landscaping, cleaning, and other needs, while other green features include roof-mounted wind turbines that generate electricity and a greywater reuse system that irrigates the planting.

Noted for its distinctive ribbon-like wrapped facade, the Net Lima building is an iconic tower within the project, rising 24 levels with an additional four stories that give the form an angular appearance, creating a new dynamic skyline for the city of Manila.

Manila, Philippines
1,550,000 SF
Project Team
Chad Oppenheim, Carl Römer, Kurt Petgrave, Joshua Sacks, Jacobus Bruyning, Robert Holton, Joaquin Roesch, Lourdes Sanchez-Espinell
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Net Metropolis