Nightingale Residence

“Fire and water” inspired this hedonistic party pad in the Hollywood Hills, featuring a subterranean nightclub.

Along picturesque winding roads in the Hollywood Hills, just above the Sunset Strip, lies a neighborhood known by locals as the “Bird Streets.” Here, we have designed the ultimate party pad with a mesmerizing city view, nestled among some of the most high-end residences in Los Angeles.

The extensive program is expressed as a series of connected and dynamic forms—an eagle’s nest of playful volumetrics integrated with the hillside. Extreme cantilevers, monumental spaces, and floor-to-ceiling glazing, create the optimal entertainment setting for the California culture, climate, and landscape.

Each floor is defined by function and materials, starting with a private top level for bedrooms, wrapped in louvered, sliding timber screens. A glazed middle level contains all the living, dining, and entertaining spaces, with a “hidden” lower floor.

Building codes allow only two levels—basements must be windowless—yet we wanted to create a multi-use space for car display and a nightclub carved from stone. Creative interpretation of the codes led us to design a glass-sided swimming pool adjacent to the party space to bring natural light into an ostensibly underground room.

Fire and water feature on every level—such as the entrance waterfall, swimming pool, and a sunken fire pit—each defining natural focal points that amplify the experience of the site and landscape.

Pushing the boundaries of domestic bliss, while drawing on the innovative spirit of LA architecture, the Nightingale Residence is experimental and futuristic, reflecting a dynamic and inspired city.

Los Angeles, California, USA
Architecture, Interior Design
Project Team
Chad Oppenheim, Juan Calvo, Alex Lozano, Olivier Montfort
Image Credit
Taller de Escala, Oppenheim Architecture

Nightingale Residence