Zulal Destination Spa

Melding architecture and landscape, culture and history, this resort in Qatar presents an entrancing holiday experience that connects people with place.

Staying true to the DNA of the Qatari village, the spaces and gestures of Zulal are reinterpretations of the classic Arabian courtyard. Expanded and sculpted from natural local materials, they contain gardens, pools, meeting places, and meditative spaces—shared interstitial zones contrasting with the intense privacy of the accommodation.

To bring about a sense of place and history, we have referenced medieval Islamic astrology—found in the geometry of the masterplan and subtle inscriptions across buildings. Designed at a monumental scale, the architecture recalls heavenly bodies and the founding principles of one of the most influential civilizations on earth.

Bold, elemental forms, and dramatic framing of the horizon and the sky create a romantic connection with the environment. Utilizing concepts from ancient in-earth building, traditional concepts meet the latest construction techniques to create a timeless architecture of place.

Pools and gardens are interlaced throughout a ”constellation” of villas, with views across the sea and desert setting. A perimeter wall traces a crescent moon and recalls the old forts of Qatar—every element providing a sense of enclosure and tranquility inside the resort.

Earnest and timeless, the architecture of Zulal is simultaneously powerful, yet comfortable; primitive, yet innovative; raw, yet refined. Our proposal plays with the counterpoints of presence and absence—subtle, indiscernible lines from a distance, powerful spatial experiences up close.

Khasooma, Qatar
Master Planning, Architecture, Interior Design
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Zulal Destination Spa