514 Eleventh Avenue

Twin residential towers provide a 21st-century lifestyle overlooking New York City, with an amenities skybridge forming an efficient structural solution.

Our client, Silverstein Properties, the developer of New York’s World Trade Center, was looking for a landmark yet economical solution for a challenging site in Hudson Yards. Underground subway lines and easements placed restrictions on building form and foundations, leading to a simple, clean and economical structural solution for two 60-story residential towers and skybridge.

Located near Times Square, the Javits Center and the Hudson Riverfront, the towers create a new gateway to a regenerating neighborhood. Their sculptural, geometric form was driven by both by this location and the need to straddle the subway tunnels. A diagonal footprint meant we could optimize light and views of the Hudson River and skyline, with the rooftop link creating a dynamic and instantly recognizable form.

What sells these projects is the quality and range of recreational and well-being amenities. They set a development apart in a competitive market. After a detailed market analysis of residential amenities in New York, we proposed to lift these spaces 1,000 feet into the air for incredible views around the city. A 100-foot pool, rock-climbing wall, huge gym, and a running track around the perimeter create a forward-thinking approach to modern city living, putting lifestyle and well-being at the strategic focus of the commercial offer.

New York, New York, USA
1,600,000 SF
Silverstein Properties
Project Team
Chad Oppenheim, Carl Römer, Kevin Heidorn, Jose Ortez, Alex Lozano, Gilbert Atick, Alexis Cogul, Olivier Montfort, Tommy Manuel
Image Credit
DBOX, Luxigon

514 Eleventh Avenue