Wharf Road Condominium

Australia’s geological outcrops translate into a powerful urban tower concept that dematerializes as it meets the ‘Surfers’ skyline.

Australia possesses one of the most beautiful and dramatic geologies in the world, and the sunny northeastern coastal town of Surfers Paradise in Queensland is famed for its golden surf beach that rolls into the Coral Sea of the Pacific Ocean. Here, skyscrapers dominate the skyline, while our multi-story, mixed-use condominium and hotel pushes up from the urban landscape and dematerializes as it meets the skyline.

Taking its cues from the variety of geological outcrops across the vast Australian continent, Wharf Road quite simply represents the translation of these features into an urban condition. Nestled between ocean and rain forest, the project proposes a new benchmark for ecological design within the natural environment.  

The 1,500,000-square-foot tower is configured in a crescent shape to maximize ocean views. The stories layer up like the striations found in rocky outcrops and, intermittently, cantilevered levels jut out as if stretching towards the ocean. Openings allow light, wind, and nature to pass through the building and across the verdant gardens, pools, green roofs, and interstitial spaces, which appear to perch poetically in the sky.

Bold, elemental forms and honest materials and detailing have been integrated into this vision of Australia’s bountiful natural resources, both physical and ethereal, resulting in a sensual and sensitive experience. Rather than overpower the natural world through the built environment, this is a new type of architecture—one that is more in the family of nature.

Surfer’s Paradise, Australia
1,500,000 SF
Project Team
Chad Oppenheim, Carl Römer, Sebastian Velez, Juan Mullerat, Lester Rey, Kevin McMorris, Juan Calvo, Jacobus Bruyning, Rachel Stigler, Joshua Sacks, Giancarlo Pietri, Jose Ortez, Santiago Eliaschev, Alex Lozano, Ulises Reyes
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Wharf Road Condominium