Villa Binningen

This light-filled Swiss home harmoniously combines a residence with gallery spaces to showcase a private art collection.

The essence of Villa Binningen is to develop a framework for enjoying art. The interior merges domestic life with gallery-grade spaces, so that art and sculpture—and importantly, the contemplative experience they provoke—elevate the “everyday.”

Located in Binningen, the building is positioned to frame views of the city of Basel, France and Germany to the north, and to create privacy from the road to the south. We developed creative solutions to bring in light and warmth from the sunny side, such as high-level windows, skylights, vertical slot windows, and reflective ponds, while maintaining our focus on the expansive view.

Rooms on the main level allow seamless circulation and flow, reminiscent of the organization of a gallery. Each space has a different scale and light source to present various types and scales of artwork and living functions. Rooms offer different textures and qualities, utilizing columns, freestanding walls, apertures, and view shafts, as well as moments of pause and reflection.

The dining room is double-height, with large blank walls for paintings, while the living room stretches northward to incorporate a sculpture terrace. The lily pond connects the interior with the Enea-designed landscape, with plinths for sculptures. Smaller spaces, such as dressing rooms, have niches for smaller artworks.

The house is the ultimate host for our clients’ family, providing immersive and dramatic opportunities to showcase their collection.

Binningen, Switzerland
Architecture, Interior Design
Project Team
Chad Oppenheim, Beat Huesler, Tom McKeogh, Rasem Kamal, Andrew Dadds
Image Credit
Oppenheim Architecture

Villa Binningen