Sacred Island Resort

The mega-resort is reimagined as a modern, humanistic seaside village establishing a benchmark mix of residential and hospitality.

Sacred Island Resort is part of an ecotourism development in the Middle East spread over 11,000 square miles of islands, beaches, desert, mountains, and volcanic areas. Designed as a social and commercial hub for the area, we have developed its place branding, building on ideas developed on nearby sites, including Sacred Reef.

Set within the wider masterplan, we approached the design as a benchmark of its type—to create a distinct experience to grow the area’s profile. We have turned the modern resort inside out, so that spaces engage with their environment and public spaces. Instead of modern, sealed buildings, we modelled the resort on walkable, smaller scale towns, such as Saint-Tropez and Portofino. We helped our client evolve the program to ensure a lively and social destination.

Laid out over 685,000 square feet, our design intentionally belies the large scale of the program and is essentially a seaside village. We created a human scale that’s just right; a vibrant place with homes for residents, as well as tourists. Terraced villas ensure everyone has a front-row view, along with easy access to the promenade and amenities around the waterfront.

Our architecture seeks to blend with, and enhance, the natural environment. Camouflaged structures create discrete vistas from afar. Indigenous microclimates provide comfort, while landscaped roofs, balconies, and public areas reduce heat gain on the structures. Created on a gentle, human scale, Sacred Island Resort will have the charm we so admire of historic coastal villages, while defining a unique spirit for this idyllic place.

Confidential Location, Middle East
685,000 SF
Masterplanning, Architecture
Project Team
Chad Oppenheim, Timothy Archambault, Kevin Heidorn, Alex Lozano, Ana Calderon, Andrea Perelli, Carlos Agelet, Charles Kane, Dagoberto Duarte, Hyejin Yang, Jacobus Bruyning, Jairo Ramirez, Kevin McMorris, Marcel Montoya, Marie-Pierre Pare, Naaly Pierre, Nicole Rubin, Olivier Montfort, Rasem Kamal
Image Credit
Sora, The Boundary

Sacred Island Resort