Hellinikon Villas

These seaside villas evoke some of the attributes of Greece’s famed architecture by playing with light, shadow, and reflection.

We were among four architecture firms chosen by the developer to design villa typologies at The Hellinikon Project in Athens. Located on the former central city airport site, this is the largest urban redevelopment in a European capital, with a total area of 1532 acres. It is situated on the beach front, adjacent to iconic landmarks and attractions, offering potential buyers the choice between 35 sites and several designs. Our villas could inhabit any of the sites, so solving common needs regarding view and privacy was an important driver in this project.

Our one-story villa is destined for the beach front, while the two-story villa can sit in the row behind. Both villa types have private entrances and courtyards that run from the street toward the beach and view. From the road, the villa is very private, while, inside, views are framed by tall and generously proportioned walls and ceilings, maintaining privacy along shared boundaries.

Each house is a collection of pure volumes, with openings and spaces in between for engaging spatial variety. With no hallways as such, each interconnecting volume is dedicated to function as a kitchen or a dining area or a lounge and so on, flowing out to a generous outdoor dining and pool setting that captures the western view. Large overhangs provide shaded spaces inside and out for residents to enjoy the environment.

The design pays homage to Greek architectural traditions, where crisp Mediterranean light reflects off ‘white’ surfaces, while overhang and shadow provide contrast and refuge from the heat. Our selection of a sand-colored mineral plaster becomes a projection surface for light, shadow, and texture. Reflective ponds make these walls dance with light. And inner courtyards create shade where flowers and plants can thrive and climb the walls.

These modern villas enable the ultimate experience of the Athens seaside. Private yet open. Warm yet cool. Silent and monumental spaces offer a timeless aesthetic and are carefully calibrated for the climate and culture.

Athens, Greece
In progress
Architecture, Interior Design
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Oppenheim Architecture

Hellinikon Villas