Desert Villa

Set between the Nevada desert and Las Vegas, an expansive residence and art program are housed within a silent, monumental architecture, with the soul and intimacy of a gallery.

Laid out over 65,000 square feet, the concept for Desert Villa captures the spirit of place by bringing native landscapes through the building and framing views of the Vegas Strip to the east and the desert landscape of Red Rock Canyon to the west. By blending and camouflaging with the colors of the site, this monumental home provides private and expansive living, entertaining, art display, and working spaces for a large family.

After researching desert homes from around the world, we designed the floor plan with a series of internal courtyards, containing gardens, fountains, and ponds, and openings to frame the sky. Breezes can make their way through every room, enhanced by the cooling and contemplative effects of water. The delicacy of water reflections and sounds creates a material contrast with the massive stone walls of the home.

Designed for large social gatherings, Desert Villa has flowing indoor/outdoor spaces for hosting open-air festivities that are fully shaded from the intense desert sun. Our spatial arrangement allows the family to host simultaneous events, dinners, and business meetings without interfering with each other, supported by underground staff and back-of-house areas which have separate circulation.

This timeless architecture is crafted to create an instant landmark. With the soul of a gallery and the intimacy of a home, including generous “negative” or in-between spaces, this is an enduring residence based on an intelligent program.

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
65,000 SF
Architecture, Interior Design
Project Team
Chad Oppenheim, Timothy Archambault, Alex Lozano, Dung Minh Le, Fernando Herrera, Ines Gil, Juan Lopez, Marie-Pierre Pare, Valeria Fossi
Image Credit
DBOX, Luxigon, Oppenheim Architecture

Desert Villa