Altea Resort

This luxury resort on the Albanian coast disguises its scale with a new village typology that provides sea views for 95 percent of the residences.

Our vision for a new tourism destination on the Albanian riviera draws on the learnings from several of our other luxury coastal resort projects, including the Sacred Island Resort and the Bali Beach Resort. We have created a new typology that is human in scale, with strong historic connections to create a sensual spirit of place.

Using scale, form, and materials typical in nearby villages, we have reduced the visual impact of a large modern resort, which also meant we could maximize sea views. Our arrival sequence to the center of the project highlights an incredible vista over the Mediterranean Sea. A previous design scheme for the site had 60 percent of the rooms with sea views, but our new layout raises that figure to 95, while also adding 20 rooms.

Intimate volumes and spaces between residences instill a sense of walking about an historic village. Courtyards, loggias, and walkways create framed views of the sea, and provide shade and privacy on site. Terraced stone-clad buildings with arched openings honor local Albanian architecture, with its features and echoes from the Ottoman Empire.

The ground-level arches, with rooms above, overlook a central courtyard, a large pool, and the ocean beyond. The resort appears less like a five-story building and more like a two-story residence. Nestled into a hilly backdrop, the project sits in harmony with its surroundings, bringing nature through the site with green roofs and landscaped gardens.

A village scale is authentic to the architectural vernacular and its place identity—a project that respects the past, while providing a timeless experience for visitors to the coast.

Altea, Albania
In progress
Master Planning, Architecture, Interior Design
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Oppenheim Architecture

Altea Resort