Tangier City Port

Our masterplan for Tangier City Port brings the texture and spirit of this ancient Moroccan city into a modern, mixed-use waterfront neighborhood.

An important trading city dating back to at least the 8th century BC, Tangier connects the continent of Africa to the edges of Europe and sits at the heart of one of the most timeless and influential civilizations in the world. Today, the city is evolving into a modern and versatile hub.

Situated between what are known as the “Old City” and “New City”, our masterplan reimagines 70 acres of waterfront inspired by Tangier’s intricate and pedestrian-friendly medieval streets. Our proposed urban design seeks to create the ultimate human experience for that particular site by deeply sensing and understanding a place. Rather than architecture driving form, feeling drives form and city planning in this scheme.

Spanning a 127-acre site, the evolutionary design feels as if it has grown organically over time. We pick up on the rhythms, material textures, and spatial qualities of the Old City, capturing its spirit and subtly translating it anew.

Medieval boulevards, plazas, and the geometric patterns of traditional Moroccan tile work have all influenced our design. Here, spaces shape people’s experiences: distant views are framed, and roads lead towards iconic historic structures. A new urban fabric unfolds through public plazas into long promenades that access the water and the boat docks, all welcoming visitors to this port city.

Tangier, Morocco
5,500,000 SF
Masterplanning, Architecture
Project Team
Chad Oppenheim, Reynolds Diaz Jr., Juan Lopez, Marcel Montoya, Olivier Montfort, Andrea Perelli, Nicolas Bauer, Carla Lores, Joel Stewart, Yoko Shimajuko
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Tangier City Port