Bridge House

Art follows nature: Bridge House in Aspen is an extended family house informed by, and in reverence to, its majestic Rocky Mountains setting.

This 10,000-square-foot home in Aspen is situated on a four-acre estate and surrounded by a heavily wooded landscape, streams, and mountains. We navigated highly restrictive development codes to design and build at scale, and realize a home completely shrouded/enveloped by its setting.

A doyenne of the design world, the client envisioned a legacy home where extended family could gather and be engulfed in comfort amidst the Rocky Mountains. It was important that our design didn’t impose itself on the land, so we ensured that much of the original terrain and natural landscape remained intact.

To achieve this, we created a vast, pre-cast concrete bridge across a small river flowing through the site, and intersecting glazed volumes of exposed concrete, steel, and wood. Dramatic shifts in scale maximize privacy and optimize views through strategically placed, oversized windows, combining interior and exterior spaces. The home strategically crouches down low within the site’s topography, revealing itself at certain vantage points.

Here, the light of the sky, the reflections of water, the smell of flora and fauna, and the patterns formed by the wind inform this unique architecture. Erasing any boundaries with the natural environment, Bridge House captures that delicate balance between dramatic design and intimate sanctuary.

Aspen, Colorado, USA
10,000 SF
Under construction
Architecture, Interior Design
Project Team
Chad Oppenheim, Kevin McMorris, Alex Lozano, Andrea Perelli, Andres Bruder, Hyejin Yang, Juan Calvo, Marcel Montoya, Nicolas Bauer, Olivier Montfort, Rasem Kamal, Yoko Shimajuko
Image Credit
Luxigon, Oppenheim Architecture

Bridge House