WORLD ARCHITECTURE COMMUNITY – “We Are Trying To Create Buildings That Are Silent And Also Powerful” Says Chad Oppenheim

29 November 2018

“The World Architecture Festival (WAF) has kicked off in its second day with a persuasive presentation by Chad Oppenheim, Principal, Oppenheim Architecture + Design on ‘The Spirit of Place’. Oppenheim’s lecture entitled ‘Spirit of Place’ has been described as ‘a poetic rumination on how architecture connects with the earth.’ Chad Oppenheim briefly discussed how boundaries can be blurred between nature and architecture, heightening our awareness of the beauty that surrounds us. . . . ‘We love to design buildings or create an architecture that disappears in the landscape,’ [said] Oppenheim. ‘Architecture can be silent, excited and can be also powerful at the same, they don’t need to be iconic.'”

Read the full article on the World Architecture Community website.

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