8,878 Acres / 192,091,992 SF Mixed Use, Multi Family, Hospitality, Commercial, Private Home, Master Planning, Sustainability

Master Planning, Architecture, Urban Design


Inspired by the unique ecosystem of Abu Dhabi—an abundant and mystical land where desert meets sea, our master plan for South Hudayriat Islands, proposes an opportunity to mimic, accelerate and catalyze the processes of nature—establishing the framework for an ecologically symbiotic society that fortifies the equilibrium between man and the world we inhabit. The great expanse of the world’s geological and created wonders paired with thousands of years of civilization has educated and inspired our ideology— allowing us to create the possibility of an optimized lifestyle, one attuned to the environment, culture, and the human condition. South Hudayriat Islands simultaneously reveres, exploits and enhances the natural beauty of Abu Dhabi– setting forth a new benchmark for design, quality and sustainability in the natural environment. A dramatic realm of islands, shaped by a hypersensitivity to the sublime patterns and forces of nature, maximizes appreciation and celebration of place. Expert care has been given to sculpt a universally harmonious habitat, one that supports prosperity for life in all kingdoms—most importantly that of Abu Dhabi. Through the nuanced and balanced composition of the built– materiality, spatiality, and texture, and the natural— sea, landscape, light, we aim to create an atmosphere that promotes well-being, titillates senses and delights the soul. Employing urban sensibility over gimmicks, our strategy reaches an apogee through a symphonic balance between urbanism, architecture and an elevated natural environment. It is through this idea of elegantly enhanced nature that the possibilities of how life can and should be experienced emerge.

Principal in charge: Chad Oppenheim
Project Manager: Carl Römer
Project Contributors: Juan Calvo, Lester Rey, Sebastian Velez, Jose Ortez, Rachel Stigler, Francisco Garcia, Juan Mullerat, Sofia Viilanueva, Juan López, Kevin McMorris, Santiago Eliaschev, Jacobus Bruyning.

In association with Demetri Bache Kenneth Hitchens Studio LFA

Renderers: Vyonyx

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