Oppenheim Architecture’s Net Metropolis project celebrated as a symbol of developer’s commitment to green development practices in Philippine Daily Inquirer article

Going green also means tapping clean energy sources, by Philippine Daily Inquirer

18 February 2017

“ . . . [Co-president of The Net Group (TNG), Ramon D.]Rufino . . . pointed out that TNG’s commitment to become sustainable does not stop at using renewable energy.

He noted that TNG integrated the green philosophy into all aspects of property development, from design to construction to management.

TNG tapped international architect Chad Oppenheim, [Founder and Principal of Oppenheim Architecture,] known for sustainable building designs, to develop the concept for its Net Lima and Net Park office developments.

The Net Lima was the first project to be certified under the BERDE (Building for Ecologically Responsive Design Excellence) rating tool of the Philippine Green Building Council with a 4 star rating.

It included features to reduce solar heat gain and optimize natural light for energy efficiency. The property also uses a system that harvests rainwater.

Net Park is currently undergoing BERDE certification and hopes to be the first project to achieve a 5-Star rating, the highest possible rating under the green building rating tool. . . . ”

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