Emiliano Hotel lands the cover of ARCHITECTURAL RECORD’s April issue

The Emiliano Hotel in Rio, designed by Oppenheim Architecture and Studio Arthur Casas, is the cover feature of the April 2018 issue of Architectural Record.

“When Brazilian hotelier Gustavo Filgueiras, CEO of São Paulo’s luxurious Emiliano hotel, and his family-owned company secured the opportunity to build on one of the last vacant lots along Rio de Janeiro’s iconic Copacabana, they knew the property came with a responsibility to uphold the illustrious design pedigree of the beachfront (or orla in colloquial Portuguese). Artist and landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx’s celebrated Promenade (1970)—a UNESCO World Heritage site and pride of the city—stretches along the shore at its seaside entrance. Designed by São Paulo architect Arthur Casas and the U.S.-based Chad Oppenheim, the Filgueiras’s second Emiliano hotel gives the Avenida Atlântica a stylish 21st-century flourish while simultaneously paying tribute to the neighborhood’s mid-20th-century heyday.” 

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