ELLE DECOR ITALIA – The most beautiful infinity pool in Copacabana is here

26 January 2018

By: Paola Testoni

The Hotel Emiliano arrives in Rio de Janeiro and, like that of São Paulo in Brazil, bears the signature of Studio Arthur Casas with the cooperation of the American architect Chad Oppenheim[, Founder and Principal of Oppenheim Architecture,] for what concerns the preliminary structure of the project.

The contemporary architecture of the building, located in front of the Copacabana beach, favors natural light, but above all enhances the view to connect its guests to the wonderful city.

To accentuate this link with the local community while respecting the high standards of a luxury five-star hotel, on the ground floor, right next to the entrance, a bar was installed that could act as a meeting point for hotel guests and the locals. The consequence is the different management of the flow of guests that has been redirected according to two different concepts: one leads directly to the restaurant or business area and the other to the reception, with a private area exclusively for guests.

The hotel also offers a spa, located on the eleventh floor next to the saunas, massage showers and the gym, and offers a recreation area on the roof, where the real gem of the hotel is located: a breathtaking infinity pool.

The exterior cladding in modular panels – designed exclusively for this hotel – is inspired by the curves of the surrounding landscape of Rio de Janeiro. These swaying elements, called cobogós , overlap the whole building and interrupt the long row of almost seamless buildings formed by concrete blocks typical of the Rio waterfront.

This represents a decisive element capable of providing a strong identity to the project and at the same time capable of transforming the Hotel Emiliano into a landmark on the Copacabana beach. . . . ”

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Photo Credit: Fernando Guerra

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